SpringVita.com and Natural Forever Inc., providing the natural herbal products by developing and marketing agent with valuable natural herbal products. One of our goals is to provide people in North America more convenient way to buy the precious Chinese herbal products, to get Chinese herbal products informations produced in the United States, Canada and Taiwan.

SpringVita.com is a Health Promotion shopping network of valuable Chinese herbal products recommended by American Academy of Naturopathic Medicine Health Center, to provide informations and guidance by American Academy of Naturopathic Medicine (www.aanmc.info) and US International Medicine Institute to provide technical support.

SpringVita.com has Consultants of Natural Medical, as follows :

President of American Academy of Naturopathic Medicine, Dr. Henry Woo, Ph.D., O.M.D., L.Ac.
Natural Medicine Digest Magazine issuer / President, Professor, Yung-Ching Ho,N.D.
Academician of US International Medicine Institute, Global Natural hair loss TCM treatment specialist, Professor, Jianguo li
Academician of US International Medicine Institute, American Academy of Naturopathic Medicine Researcher and Director of the Center for Health Promotion, TCM Dermatologists, Immune allergy specialist, Dr. Kevin Xiao, Ph.D., O.M. D., L.Ac

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